it's been six months since i started this project. i'd never intended to make an entry per day, but having just crossed the threshold of a full week without posting, it feels like it's time to review.

a convergence of conditions. as usual.

several months ago while listening to bill bryson i experienced deep existential dread. he was expounding upon the history of taxonomy (for his book, a short history of nearly everything, which perhaps would be better titled isn't everything just amazing and also fucked). basically, naming things and categorizing them is an area where humans can't agree much, even today.

this "log" was an experiment as a sort of linear catch-all broadcast of various projects, discoveries, interests, sudden convictions, etc. of course this is totally fine, but as the bits accumulate certain patterns emerge but overall it resembles a meticulously over-curated scrapbook without an index.

in many ways it makes more sense to just build a memex. projects go into categories, and so those projects actually become projects, instead of some underdocumented stuff in a stream of tenuously related stuff.

yet not everything is a project. for example, i considered (earlier this week) highlighting a discovery: the composer rip hayman [bandcamp], who made this incredible layered flute composition in 1977, just re-released.

or i nearly posted some thoughts related to this excellent essay, the user condition: computer agency and bevahior [web].

and i also considered deleting some previous posts which were just a little boring, or perhaps were created during some extreme mood. certain things weren't meant to last forever. digital permanence gives me anxiety on several levels.

so is it a journal? i do think this has helped me sustain momentum. to not lose the plot. (i admit, i did still manage to drift a few times).

and there's more that i haven't fully processed. public vs private. behavioral shifts, performative publishing, identity construction. feedback and conversation. optimal update frequency. technical accesibility, platform context contamination. meaning, now and tomorrow.

in closing.

i may pause this. to restructure and transform energy. it'll change, but it'll be the same.