this may marks the fifteenth year of monome. and so we released a redesigned grid. it's approximately the eleventh redesign. (i say approximately because qualification is blurry, and that doesn't include the prototypes prior to the inaugural edition in 2006).

this round number 15 (which is actually 20 including the pre-production years) felt like it merited some level of acknowledgement. i started writing a "history of the grid" which quickly sprawled a dozen pages even before i reached 2006: it became a sort of memoir.

and so the art (self) business (corp) dichotomy debate quietly reemerged. trying to detangle what and why to share certain things. to sort meaning from deafening noise and false conviction. to share moments and thank sincerely without overexposure or inevitable misinterpretation.

there is a story. but perhaps a new grid is enough.

there are also apple blossoms in which to immerse ourselves.